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Nyonya Portrait & Peranakan Shoes’

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NYONYA PORTRAIT – Nonya Portrait is a modern interpretation of photography early Singapore Peranakans. Private portraits on film was a symbol of status in those era. Affluent Peranakans were among the first to afford family or personal photography by professional photographers, and such occasion was worthy of the effort dressing up in elaborate costumes and jewellery. This design is a collaboration with Singapore artist, Martin Loh, and the pattern is framed by scissors blades highlighting the rich and colourful textile design and art in Peranakan kebaya. 

PERANAKAN SHOES – Peranakan sarong kebaya, the traditional dress for Peranakan women, is always completed with a dainty pair of kasut manek (beaded shoes). The colourful beading work on the shoes gives a reflective shine on the feet of a nyonya, adding charm, sophistication and joy to her amble. This design captures the beauty of kasut manek as a piece of art and celebrates the precious heritage Peranakan culture has given to our region.


This silk scarf adds a pop of colours on any day with storied patterns inspired by Singapore’s heritage and culture. It makes a great gift for its flexible usage; wear it on the neck, tied to the hair, at the wrist or on a bag.

  • Handmade in 100% silk.
  • Presented with a story card in a velvety gift box.
  • Pair it with our silk pocket square or tie to make a unique gift set for couples.
  • Scarf size: 6.5cm x 94cm (est)
  • Size of gift box 16cm x 11cm x 2.5cm