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8 Ways To Customise Your Corporate Gifts

1. Logo

The most basic way to add customise business gifts is to add your logo on the product. Nothing particularly unusual but at least it tells the identity of the giver. Of course, with even budget, the logo can be printed on the gift box too!

2. Ribbon

A quick way to add a custom feature to your selected corporate gift is by adding a ribbon on the box packaging. Ribbon usually elevates the beauty of the gift box, and a ribbon with your company name on it will be even more distinctive.

3. Gift Band

A gift band over the box is actually the simplest way to create some identity on the gift you are giving. The gift band can be digitally printed and it effectively avoids the challenge and cost of minimum order quantity compared to other customising option.

4. Customised Patterns On Corporate Gift

Customising a pattern is the best way to make your gift totally unique. With gifts like our Faux Suede Notebook, Plates and Business Card Case, we can create a special pattern printed onto the gifts, and it will be a pattern that projects a bespoke image. The pattern be floral, geometric, architectural or inspired by some aspects of Singapore culture. Whichever it is, you will be confident that no one else will have the same gift idea as yours. This is where Onlewo comes in with the best pattern ideas, as our pattern designs are effusive with Singapore stories. You will be a proud representative of Singapore’s colourful culture through your gift.

5. Customised Colours

Taking customisation one step higher, we can create colour ways in patterns that reflect your corporate brand. By weaving tones or family of colours into our patterns or products, we create a recognisable connection between the gifts and your company. This is especially effective for corporate gift at big event or conference, where you will want to impress with a coordinated, professional look that conveys thoughtfulness in every detail. 

6. Customised Story

Can a gift tell a story? Yes, most certainly and that is essentially what all Onlewo design works are about. We tell Singapore stories through our designs, drawing inspiration from places, food, heritage, architectural or just every-day observation of how we live. We are particularly adept at understanding your corporate message or story, and convey that through tastefully and meaningfully crafted visuals. In fact, Onlewo is a story teller seeking to connect people with good memories, make social conversations lively and ignite shared passions in our culture. We can blend your corporate message into a Singapore-inspired story setting, and express the essence in patterns, which will then be printed onto the corporate gift of your choice. Customising a story like this is the highest level of customisation and makes a truly lasting impression on your audience.

7. Custom Finishing

A more practical way to customising a gift is in the form of finishing or material, which can quite immediate set the quality of your gift apart from others. For example, our Passport Sleeves can be customised in velvet, unlike the usual linen cotton material. Velvet is a very rich, tactile material that adds the lux factor to the gift and a visual sheen that makes the printed pattern come alive.

8. Customising Gift Box

A beautiful gift without a good gift box is like a pair of lovely eyes sans eyelashes. It is not flattering and will certainly not evoke a nice feeling. A practical yet fine-quality gift box will complete the whole experience of gift giving. In a business context, this attention to detail will only serve you well in the eyes of the customers or business partners you wish to impress. Customising a corporate gift box is not just about adding a logo on the surface, but needs to take into account ease of carriage, resistance to dirt or damage, color appropriateness, quality of material and very importantly, reusability or recyclability. We believe in designing and producing a box that can be as good as a keepsake, so that people can use it for storing valuables or collectibles. That is the ideal customised gift packaging as your recipients can make good use of both the gift and box.

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