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Embrace our heritage through Onlewo designs on wallpaper, fabrics & other materials.


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What customers say about Onlewo…

Beautiful shop with the most fantastic fabric with local designs. You can find pillowcases, scarfs, placemats, tablecloths etc. Small note books and other items.

Annemieke van vliet

So glad I made a trip to Onlewo! Beautiful motifs, lovely patterns and fascinating stories behind the items and bespoke pieces. Time flew by listening to co-owner Eugene share their story and journey. Great place for Singapore or Peranakan inspired gifts. Such a gem and an absolute pleasure to be in their shop.

Louise Chong

The artistry of the products is beautiful & all designed by the owners. All the designs have a story and a historical connection. The objects are very well crafted. Eugene offered wonderful customer service. Onlewo is a perfect little store for Singaporean artisanal objects!


I love this shop with lifestyle and decor products beautifully designed drawing on Singapore heritage with a very chic and contemporary twist. Mike, the owner and designer, has managed to create something truly special and creative. Don’t miss if you are in Singapore!

Cristina Pb

Beautiful and unique shop run by two self-taught designers Eugene and Mike...I enjoyed learning about their design journey

Leanne Poon

A store that has very artistic products with designs based on Singapore's culture. A must visit store for Singaporean gifts.

Rekha Krishnan

Must-see store if you drop by Joo Chiat. All the designs are unique and created by the Onlewo owners. I love that they capture evocative elements of Singaporean heritage, sites and sights

Yvonne Lee

Excellent store for locally inspired articles, with superb service by the owner-artist. Blew me away. Highly recommended.

Mike Borsetti

What a gem of a find in the heart of the Joo Chiat heritage neighborhood!

Minnie Lee

Gorgeous plate and lamp shade - featuring Singapore iconic images - locally designed by Onlewo in Singapore. Love them!! X

Cheryl Tan

Lots of unique, nostalgic peranakan and singapore heritage prints. Really happy with how my wallpaper turned out! Thanks Eugene for your help to expedite the print.


I recently purchased a sofa throw from ONLEWO, and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The design of the throw is unique and beautiful, and the quality of the fabric is top-notch. Additionally, the customer service I received at the store was excellent. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for high-quality and unique home decor items.

Elvira Zaripova

A colourful range of interior and design products that reflect Singaporean culture and heritage. With a friendly co-owner of Onlewo sharing stories behind each product and pattern, I was able to get an insight of the community and a glance into its histories. I wish I had more time to visit again, and highly recommended for people with eyes and curiosity into design and cultural heritage.

Tomo Usuda


How to choose a meaningful corporate gift?

Corporate gifting is about making deep impression or leaving lasting memories with your guests, business partners and important customers. It is about giving something meaningful, and making sure that your gift will be appreciated. It is easy to think of corporate gifting this way: would you be impressed if you are the receiving person?

Today, cultural appreciation has taken on new level of importance in business exchanges. Whether you are giving a gift to your corporate customers, associates or even your own company staff, blending in cultural element tastefully in the gift design will inevitably generate a stronger positive emotional response. A corporate gift that successfully tugs at the heartstring will win the best impression. 

What is the corporate gift culture in Singapore like?

When meeting someone for the first time in a business setting, presenting a gift is a sensitive matter. It is particularly helpful to present a gift that will also be a conversation starter, to help you break the ice with an unfamiliar person. A gift with well-designed cultural or heritage content usually works well, as receiving persons tend to respond in courtesy and appreciation of the design details. Talking about interesting cultural stories can help break the ice and bring smiles. Such a beginning to a first-time work meeting will set the succeeding conversation in a positive, friendly tone.

Gifting is meant to make both the giver and receiver feel good. You know it when you have given a good gift, and so will your business guests or customers. This good feeling is the essence of a meaningful corporate gift.

In Singapore, the corporate gift culture requires thoughtfulness in gift selection, elegance of the gift packaging and understanding of the gifting moment.

Important etiquettes for business gifting

A corporate gift that strikes a fine balance between personal and commercial vibe is the right gift. As a business related gift, it cannot be feel too personal, so as to avoid stepping too far beyond the line of business relationship. Yet, the corporate gift needs to have a personal touch that is just nice, to project an appreciation of the chance to meet the person representing her/his company. 

A corporate gift is to facilitate good business relationships and as a corollary business transactions. However, the gift cannot feel too commercial or transactional, as it will engender an association with shallowness or, worse, be insulting to your guests or customers by implying disrespect or quid pro quo. You will want to build a corporate relationship based on goodwill, trust and quality, and your gift must present that message. Corporate gifting is a considered practice that weighs the balance between a personal and official approach, tilting sometimes towards the former when relationships have deepened and at other times towards the latter when the occasion requires greater formality. 

What to avoid in corporate gifting?

A gift can generate both positive and less-than-positive effect. Gifts that come across as thoughtless and being given for the sake of giving will leave a slightly poor taste for your customers, business partners or important guests. Gifts that compromises on packaging quality will also fail your goodwill-building mission. 

Corporate gifts that represent your culture needs to be expressed tastefully and sensitively as cultural issues can be tricky. In presenting gifts with cultural designs, it is important to convey the intention of sharing just the cultural uniqueness of your country and avoid projecting cultural superiority or competitiveness.  The value of the corporate gift must also be well considered so that the gifting gesture communicates friendliness and generosity, not economic superiority. 

At a more practical level, one should also avoid gifts that are similar to those found in airport gift shops and souvenir stands, as your corporate gifting effort will be interpreted as an effort of convenience and superficiality. Global traveling at both consumer and business level has provided wide exposure and access to brands and products, and people all over the globe are generally well-informed. The more readily your gift is, the lower the uniqueness and wow factor. In other words, it is good to avoid globally or widely available products as corporate gifts.