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Are you a Singapore wallpaper design studio?

Yes, Onlewo is founded by Mike Tay, a Singapore designer and all the designs are original works inspired by his Singaporean-ness and his love for local places, natural environment, heritage, architecture, food, etc. Out of his connection with the soul of this country, design expressions of multitude colours and forms spring up from within him and become contemporary patterns full of Singapore character.

Does your wallpaper prices include installation?

Our wallpaper prices, on per square meter basis, does not include installation. We can recommend a team of installation expert for your installation. This team has provided installation for many of our residential and commercial customers and we will be happy to connect you with them.

Can I obtain a catalogue of your wallpaper designs?

Our designs are all our own works created with inspiration from Singapore heritage and culture. So any pattern you see in our design works or products are available for wallpaper as well. As our design range and colourways are too numerous and constantly expanding, we do not maintain a catalogue which will be quickly and constantly outdated. We welcome you to visit our studio to have a look the range of designs and colourways, or join us on IG, where you will find a whole spectrum of Singapore-inspired ideas for wallpaper.

What is the lead time for wallpaper order and installation?

Normal order is around 3 to 4 weeks for your preferred wallpaper design. Please reach us directly for express production if needed. For installation, which is done by third-party installation professional, we will be to connect you with the team so that the installation date can be arranged more conveniently and directly.

Are your wallpaper fire retardant?

Yes, our wallpaper designs are printed on fire retardant material from Italy.

How do I know how much wallpaper to order?

You are welcomed to send us your wall sizes and we can assist you with the calculation.

Can I order a small quantity and then add on another order later for the same design?

Yes that is possible. However, as part of our resource management and avoidance of wastage, we produce the wallpaper only upon receiving customer’s order. As such, every separate printing batch may involve slight degree of colour variation, which is unavoidable in all printed materials.

How to Get A Quotation for Upholstery Service?

A good way to get a quick quotation for upholstery is by sending photos of the front, side and back of the furniture to us through IG or whatsapp, and also provide the dimension (overall length, depth and height) which need not be precise to the centimetre. We will then be able to check with the upholstery workshops we normally work with for a quotation. The information will also help us work out the quantity and cost of the fabric. Some patterns which require matching may involve slightly more wastage, so it will be good for you to select the pattern in advance, so that the upholstery workshop can advise the final fabric quantity accurately.

What type of upholstery fabrics do you carry?

Onlewo designs are expressed on a variety of fabrics. Most commonly for indoor uses, Singapore upholstery customers love our linen cotton and velvet range. We will be bringing in outdoor upholstery fabric in due course, so stay connected with us on FB or IG!