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Top 5 Corporate Gift Idea

These are the must popular corporate gifts that always bring a smile to recipients. We have received many happy feedback from our customers that they feel great presenting these gifts to their business guests, with the uniquely Singapore designs and beautiful packaging.

  1. Bone China Plate


This beautiful bone china plate with Singapore Orchid design is brilliant in colours and a very presentable gift for any occasion. With a nice velvet gift box, it looks fantastic as a gift to be presented on a stage, for say, a speaker, or at an event for an Very-Important-Person. The quality of the plate will be appreciated by the discerning guests or customers of yours. It will make a very good first impression as a business gift for the important person you are meeting for the first time.


2. Prismatic Glass Sculpture

A sleek gift with a substantial weight and coupled with the fine designs of Singapore cultural icons, the Prismatic Glass Sculpture is a truly special corporate gift that your customers will feel good displaying in their offices. It is a gift suitable for both genders, with different design and colour options, and when illuminated on a desk, will remind your customers of the goodwill you have shown and that this is an expensive item of warm gesture.


3. Faux Suede Notebook

This beautiful notebook with a velvety texture will impress your gifting audience and convey without a doubt that this is a special business business gift not easily found any where else. A notebook for your business customers will always be right, but people know that it is not always easy to find unique ones. The standard leather-cover notebooks are a dime a dozen and will not express your special effort in finding a menaingful, valuable corporate gift. With our faux suede notebook, and the Singapore-inspired cover designs, your guests will literally feel something special in their hand. With a gorgeous gift box, it makes the perfect gift for conventions, anniversaries and other events targeting the executive and creative crowds.


4. Passport Sleeves

The fabric Passport Sleeves is popular as a gift for travel-related events. In many instances, it will be suitable when you are meeting inbound or outbound overseas guests. It is a gift that your guests will definitely find practical.


5. Downtown Pen

This special US-made pen with Singapore Downtown design is a valuable business gift that will be appreciated by all levels of business executives. It writes smoothly with a good weight for a firm writing. It comes in a matching velvet pouch depicting architectural icons found in Singapore downtown.

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