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Peranakan Chic

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Peranakan Bliss runner - This Peranakan Bliss print with the Phoenix nesting on the peony garden is a tribute to mothers whose love for their children is both tender and strong. I celebrate my own mother who raised us with enduring love and sacrifices, and like a phoenix, nurtured us a in garden of affection and stability, and devoted herself to our well-being above her own. This graceful design is inspired by the beauty of her love. In Peranakan culture, phoenix and peony are symbols of mothers’ grace, virtue and beauty and are commonly used for adornment and home decoration.


Kueh Tile coasters - Singapore's multiculturalism and fame as a food paradise are encapsulated in this kaleidoscopic pattern of sweet and savoury treats. Inspired by our memory of life in Tiong Bahru when we had the luxury of easy access to the best local kueh (bite-sized snack or dessert) shop ‘Galicier’ who made the freshest Kueh Dadar, this Kueh Tile design pays homage to the creativity of kueh makers from Singapore’s founding generations. They were mothers, grandmothers or humble snack sellers who passed down the tradition of kueh making and gifted us with the most colourful and delectable array of kuehs. In this pattern, you will relish a fun rendition of what Singaporeans love - kueh tutu, pineapple tart, kueh dadar, peng kueh, dumpling, ladoo, otah-otah and ondeh-ondeh.



Dine in style with this beautiful set of ‘Peranakan Bliss’ runner and ‘Kueh Tile’ coasters. This gift set celebrates our unique and colourful Peranakan heritage delivering a memory gifting experience.

  • This gift set will be presented in a velvety gift box with story card.
  • Each design tells an engaging story of vibrant Singapore’s art, nature, heritage and architecture.
  • A meaningful and presentable gift to someone you treasure.
  • Each set consists of 1 table runner, 4 x coasters.
  • Dimension – Runner is 40x180cm, coaster is 9.5cmx9.5cm (est).
  • Material – Europe linen cotton on printed side, poly-mix fabric on back.