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Singapore River flows through the heart of Singapore and our history as the waterway along which trade, city life and urban development have flourished. Today, it continues to be the thriving artery connecting heritage, art, architecture, parks and even wildlife! The perfect place to enjoy an evening jog while being serenaded by the romantic silhouette of trees against the soft, glowy evening sky, Singapore River warms up to another dimension of illuminated excitement at dusk. After sunset, the city scape transforms into luminous beacons of all outlines and shapes. On foot, pedal or water, riverside sojourners drift into the river’s exhilarating or serene embrace, as they wish.



Add a touch of art, heritage or culture to your interior space with our Singapore storied plate framed professionally. Each design is inspired by my personal experience of growing up in this wonderful city or created through a meaningful collaboration with Singapore museum or creatives who wish to celebrate the little stories that make this city a truly unique place.

Bone china plate with gold rim elegantly presented in wood frame.

Singa-flore pattern printed on a matte photo paper.

Framed professionally by local framer

Frame size is 35cm x 35cm.

Each piece is made on demand.

Lead time: 10 working days from order received