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Peranakan Heritage Gift Set

Onlewo launches a new Peranakan heritage gift set comprising table runner, plates and coasters. Each set is elegantly presented in velvety box and story cards.

The idea of a gift set comes from our customers who are looking for housewarming gifts. They it easier to pick from gift designs that we have put together.

How do we put together a coherent set of Singapore designs when the variety is so wide? It is always meaningful to combine designs with the same stories. The designs may not look exactly the same but the story behind will harmonise and make coherent the different design expressions. We can also combine designs through colors. Pick a design with a wider range of colors, and pair it with other designs carrying some colours, even a tinge, within the same colour family. The end result when putting together gift designs like this tend to be more unpredictable, pleasantly surprising and less formulaic.

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