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Pop-Up Events Help Onlewo To Grow Its Brand

Todayonline shares Onlewo’s experience and perspectives about growing its brand through pop-up events.

“Yes, pop-ups are a great way to meet local and foreign buyers. The direct interaction with our customers is gratifying. Pop-ups also provide a platform for a local business to meet other businesses for collaborations,” said Mike Tay, founder of Onlewo, who is in his 40s.

While Tay agrees that pop-ups provide a good opportunity and space for a local brand to create awareness in the market, he cautions against a formulaic mix of brands. “Shoppers can get tired if the offerings stay the same. As such, pop-ups must be well-curated. Organisers have to work closely with designers to give them ample time to prepare exclusive launches for the pop-up to create an outstanding event.”

Pop-up organiser Lu Yawen of The Local People said it is important to mix things up by using different vendors or by creating a different experience. “The Local People hold about one to two pop-up events every month. We started in an alley at Hoot Kiam Road in May 2015 and have gone on to organise larger ones at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and tied up with events such as DBS Regatta recently,” said Lu. “We sometimes have themes and ensure that 
80 per cent of our vendors are different from our previous pop-ups.”


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