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State Of Cool – Helmi Yusof Makes Mention Of Onlewo In Feature On Singapore Design

It has been a short one year journey for Onlewo since its inception into the Singapore design scene with its original, storied designs. Onlewo re-expresses Singapore culture and heritage through its range of Singapore wallpaper and fabric, and builds a style that is richly layered with colors and patterns. This style has gotten the attention of Singaporeans, and we are thankful for Singaporeans’ appreciation of our form of design. Our works include a whole range of designs suitable for Singapore corporate gift as they are inspired by stories of Singapore.

Looking forward to more inspiration and good works ahead!

“And we’re finding beauty in our heritage. Design brands like Onlewo, Supermama and The Farm Store are just some of the names proudly mining the cultural landscape to create kueh lapis doorstops, pineapple tart cushions, curry puff earrings or beautiful porcelain ware decorated with Singapore landmarks.”

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