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The design is inspired by symbols found in many facets of the Peranakan Culture. Reflecting wealth and good fortune, these symbols can be found on throughout the history of Peranakan on fabrics, china wares, wood furniture, jewelries, etc. As a brand that promotes meaningful local narratives through patterns and colours, Onlewo draws on the rich Peranakan design heritage to create this series of patterns, which are in return a tribute to the original creativity of the Peranakan culture.


The design is inspired by symbols found in many facets of the Peranakan culture. Reflecting wealth and good fortune, these symbols are seen throughout the history of Peranakan on fabrics, china wares, furniture, jewellery and decors. As a brand that celebrates meaningful local narratives through patterns and colors, Onlewo draws on rich Peranakan design heritage for this inspiration. Sieving though old black and white Peranakan family photographs, courtesy of the Singapore Peranakan Museum, we discovered many significant cultural elements like the Kamcheng (covered vessel), Kasuk Manit (beaded sandals) and peacock images, and express them afresh and respectfully into this contemporary pattern. ‘Peranakan Story’ is an endearing portrait of Singapore’s cultural treasure and beauty.

100% Silk

33cm x 33cm

Packed beautifully in a magnetic closure box with a story card for great gifting impression.

Care – Dry clean