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My Home Blk 1

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Inspired by the clean lines and geometric patterns of our HDB flats, ‘My Home’ series of 4 patterns - ‘BLK 1’, ‘BLK 2’, ‘BLK 3’, ‘BLK 4’ - mirrors the many architectural breakthroughs of HDB flats and celebrate our public housing achievements. Singapore’s strong and cohesive social fabric has been built over the decades upon, inter alia, our renowned public housing infrastructure. HDB flats are truly a home for us all and hold generations of memory for Singaporeans.


Drawn to the clean lines and geometric patterns of our HDB flats, I created ’My Home’ collection with 4 patterns – ‘BLK 1’, ‘BLK 2’, ‘BLK 3’, ‘BLK 4’ to mirror the many faces of HDB blocks and celebrate our public housing achievements. Singapore public housing has played a key role in our nation building and social history, and is often regarded as a model for the world.

This elegant tabletop decorative crystal prism reflects places of Singapore in a magical way.

Each design tells an engaging story of Singapore through prismatic effect.

A meaningful and presentable gift to someone you treasure.

It is packaged thoughtfully in an elegant triangular velvet box.

Size: 170 x 30x30x30mm; weight (with gift box) 240g