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Orchid Batik Garden & Peranakan Tiles’

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ORCHID BATIK GARDEN – Inspired by the highly-admired Batik, an ancient technique and material that involve natural elements like beeswax, plant dyes, tools and heritage craftsmanship. This rhythmic Singapore Orchid Batik pattern celebrates not only the interplay of nature and human in the making of this fabric, but also the relaxed, tropical feel batik always evokes. The dotted expression here pays homage to the canting, an etching tool for holding a small reservoir of hot wax and used to create lines and fine dots. Beautiful textile designs emerge from this heritage though passion, dedication and creativity, the same spirit that cultivated Singapore into a vibrant, graceful and welcoming city with a finely crafted balance between natural and built habitat. 

PERANAKAN TILES – Like many design lovers, I am always drawn towards these beautiful handmade tiles found in the 5-foot way of old shophouses in Little India, Katong, Chinatown and other areas. A window to the past, this pattern celebrates the period where things are handmade to perfection, and also fond memories of those sun-filled mornings when we, as kids, would enjoy playtimes with our neighbours and infuse the 5-foot ways with our laughters.



This silk scarf adds a pop of colours on any day with storied patterns inspired by Singapore’s heritage and culture. It makes a great gift for its flexible usage; wear it on the neck, tied to the hair, at the wrist or on a bag.

  • Handmade in 100% silk.
  • Presented with a story card in a velvety gift box.
  • Pair it with our silk pocket square or tie to make a unique gift set for couples.
  • Scarf size: 6.5cm x 94cm (est)
  • Size of gift box 16cm x 11cm x 2.5cm