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This Singapore Orchid design infused with Peranakan tiles is emblematic of Singapore’s unique legacy of multiculturalism, harmony and creativity. This legacy found its root in Singapore’s strategic geography, which has for centuries been a welcome to people from all over the world. Cultural essence of all types evolved over time into modern, colourful forms, but diversity has been embraced and celebrated since the beginning and for aeons. Hand-crafted legacy tiles blended within orchids’ natural, timeless elegance is a most apt expression of Singapore’s fortuitous journey to modernity.


Add a touch of art, heritage or culture to your interior space with our Singapore storied art print. Each design is inspired by my personal experience of growing up in this wonderful city or created through a meaningful collaboration with Singapore museum or creatives who wish to celebrate the little stories that make this city a truly unique place.

Art print is displayed in square format.

Professionally printed on a matte photo paper.

Framed professionally by local framer

Frame size is 40cm x 40cm.

Each piece is print on demand.

Lead time: 10 working days from order received