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The Singapore Orchid Garden print is a modern rendition of our national flower. A small elegant plant with beautiful intricate details, the orchid represents so well the exquisite city Singapore is. Orchid thrives in creative ways despite not having deep reach into natural resources, reflecting the same creative energy and tenacity of our nation. In any garden setting, orchid hold its own distinction with sturdy, orderly stems and unique, alluring forms atop. In many ways too, Singapore distinguishes herself as a destination with exceptionally multicultural heritage and world-class urbanism embosomed in lush, inviting greenery and waterscape.


Enliven conversations with our unique coasters that add colours and evoke memorable moments. Ideal as gifts for housewarming and special occasions for deeper connections through these storied coasters.

9.5cmx9.5cm (est)

Printed in US

Front fabric – Cotton linen

Back fabric – Poly mix

Gentle rinse without scrubbing for fabric care.

Set of 4 presented in a gift box